Aqueon Betta Led Light

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Light up your small desktop aquarium (up to 3 gallons) with the Aqueon Betta LED Fish Aquarium Light! This light may be small, but it’s also extremely versatile with three modes of illumination, using soft-touch operation—Blue Only, White Only, and All On. You may choose to operate this aquarium light with a Micro USB-B cable or three AAA batteries (both options are sold separately). With the cable option, you will have constant power until the light is turned off manually, while with the battery option, the light will have a 1-hour shut-off period. This light is designed to accommodate a variety of desktop aquariums and is especially great for glass or plastic aquariums with clear lids. You can have it rest on top of the lid, elevate it by using the three small legs, or attach it with the clamp to raise the light higher above the aquarium.

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