Exo Terra Forest Bark 24qt

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Encourage your reptile's natural instinct to burrow and dig with the Exo Terra Forest Bark Natural Fir Terrarium Reptile Substrate. In the wild, reptiles burrow to hide, sleep and relieve stress. The Exo Terra Forest Bark Natural Fir Terrarium Reptile Substrate provides perfect coverage and is ideal for humidity-loving reptiles. Made of 100-percent natural fir bark, it absorbs and releases moisture, helping control air humidity levels.

Reptile bark is substrates in natural terrariums have many functions and are not only there for decoration purposes100-percent natural Fir barkHygroscopic, readily absorbs and releases moisturePerfect for humidity-loving reptiles; controls air humidity levelsStimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior; absorbs waste, decorative
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