LED Aquarium Light

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Clover Product ID: HRC18PN6S82DM
  • High-Quality Lens: 120 degrees light-emitting angle, high light transmittance, 30% higher than the ordinary lens, fan noise is lower than other brands, heat dissipation effect is better than other brands
  • Convenient To Use: 24-hour timer switch, no need to manually switch on every day, set the time zone to automatically switch on and off, and the brightness of the light can also be set each time it is turned on.
  • Smart Sensor: Not only music but also a microphone can also control the light. With the music microphone, it can control the brightness fluctuation of the aquarium lamp.
  • Colored Lamp Beads & Wide Applications: 7 kinds of color lamp beads, brilliant and colorful, to create a colorful underwater world. Suitable for seawater, water, fish, water plants, corals, reefs, hydrophytes, etc.
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