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Nekton Desi-Care Disinfectant 95 ml / 3.21 fl.oz

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Clover Product ID: 4TEYMD27GYG02
UPC: 0733309262090

NEKTON Desi-Care - Ready-to-use solution for surface disinfection NEKTON-Desi-care+ is a tried and tested effective solution. NEKTON Desi-care+ can be used in animal enclosures, troughs or transport boxes for quick disinfection in order to avoid infections and illnesses. NEKTON-Desi-care+ is ideal for increasing hygiene standards, e. g. for contaminated surfaces. > Water-based, free from solvents, aldehydes, dyes. Not flammable and classified as non-hazardous according to EU regulation 1272/2008 (CLP). > Disinfectants according to the European Biocidal Product Regulation, main group 1, product type 2 and 4 > Active ingredients: aqueous solution, contains active chlorine (500 mg/L liquid) released from hypochlorous acid (CAS number 7790-92-3). > Effective spectrum: against viruses, bacteria and fungi; also against developed viruses like Corona > Use: Moisten materials / objects and pre-cleaned surfaces sufficiently with NEKTON Desi-care + several times a day or as required. > Minimum exposure time 30 seconds. If necessary, leave to act while further spreading. Repeat the process directly if it has dried on beforehand. > Fast acting > Very good skin tolerability. > Free from fragrances, alcohol / ethanol

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