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Nekton Iguana 40g

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UPC: 0733309223039

NEKTON Iguana - Vitamin and development compound for green iguanas and herbivore or frugivore reptiles NEKTON Iguana contains carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins, as well as 18 essential amino acids. NEKTON Iguana is particularly characterized by all nutrients that are contained in their fully unlocked form and thus available to the body immediately after it has been administered. NEKTON Iguana ensures healthy development of the skeletal system, supports the regulated processes of molting processes, protects against nervous system disorders and preserves the functionality of the mucous membranes. NEKTON-Iguana strengthens the body, particularly in stressful situations, e.g. during molting, when settling in with new arrivals or when being moved or transported. By administering NEKTON Iguana, the nutritional value of normal food improves considerably. NEKTON Iguana effectively prevents deficiency symptoms and causes a significant increase in activity.

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