Nekton Tonic R 100g

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NEKTON Tonic-R - Supplement for the development of reptiles NEKTON-Tonic-R is particularly characterized by all 60 elements that are contained in their fully unlocked form and thus available to the organism immediately after it has been administered, without any strain on the digestive organs. It helps with illnesses, breeding and underfed animals. NEKTON-Tonic-R can also be administered as complete feed for some time, if required. NEKTON-Tonic-R is often the only possibility to provide ill and weak animals with the necessary nutrients and thus achieve a speedy recovery. NEKTON-Tonic-R is soluble in water and can be sprinkled over food or be administered as a nutrient solution directly using a tube. NEKTON-Tonic-R can be administered two to three times a week, or daily, in cases of increased stress, to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

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