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Reptizoo Deep Heater Splashproof 80W

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: DQ1E9530NVPTM
UPC: 6973448151075
  • Reptile heating lamps provide the warmth that cold-blooded animals are used to in nature.
  • Self-ballast, no need an external ballast. With integrated thermal protector, its surface will not melt, The temperature will not overheat and your pets can not be scalded.
  • It can increase the overall air temperature in the reptile, promote animal appetite, digestion and stimulate activities.
  • This reptile lamp bulb emits infraried rays, no luminous output, it can be used for 24 hours without affecting the normal activity cycle of the reptile.
  • Suitable for reptiles and amphibians, such as bearded dragons, tortoises, geckos, snakes, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads, etc.

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