Reptizoo Knock Down Terrarium 36x18x12.6"

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Product Details
  • World unique patented design, high-end and high-grade reptile pet terrariums
  • Unique design can be easily disassembled for transportation
  • Black metal screen cover provides ventilation
  • With easy installation and laminating, it may save space for you
  • Delicate and beautiful supporting facilities, and anti-escaping safety lock
  • Elevated leg design on bottom of habitat provides space for heating pad and allows even heat dissipation
  • The habitat’s sides and back can be alternated with glass, metal screen of thermal insulation plate to meet seasonal temperature requirements
  • The side is equipped with a knob-style power line opening to provide an appealing and functional inlet for the electrical cords
  • The bottom groove may take in water and optionally pave substrate. It is available for aquatic or amphibians
  • 914x457x320mm/36x18x12.6in
  • Suitable for: Tortoise (leopard tortoise, sulcata, red leg tortoise), python regius, Kingsnake, elaphe guttata, scincidae, etc.
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