Zilla Heat Mat Mini 1-5G

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Carbon fiber heating technology efficiently radiates infrared waves creating uniform heating with no hot spots. Carbon fiber is an energy-efficient method for heating with no wires that might become pinched or broken. Each unit has adhesive backing and is low voltage with an internal shut-off switch for safety.

  • Ideal heat source for desert and tropical reptiles
  • Carbon fiber radiates uniform heating without hot spots and is energy-efficient without wires that can pinch or break
  • Easy-to-use adhesive mounting either underneath or on the side of the terrarium
  • Helps reptiles regulate body temperature needed for overall health
  • Always provide temperature gradients for reptiles where they can warm up and cool down

Fits Terrarium Size 1-5G
Product Dimensions: 4.375 x 1.25 x 8.5″
Color: Night Black
Watts: 4W
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