Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Substrate Bottom Tray 24"x24"

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Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Substrate Bottom Trays are specially designed for easy substrate addition and removal in your standard ReptiBreeze or ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Screen Enclosure. These durable plastic trays are easy to clean and watertight to catch moisture from drippers, sprayers, and misters.

  • Plastic substrate tray for all ReptiBreeze cages
  • Watertight to catch drippers, spray & misting water
  • Easy to remove & wash
  • Holds all types of substrates including Zoo Med Eco Earth, Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding (Cypress Mulch), Zoo Med Repti Bark, and other reptile-specific substrates. Compatible with ReptiBreeze Screen Enclosure, ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe, and ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit.
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