Zoo Med UBV + Heat Combo Pack

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Keep your scaly sidekick comfy and cozy with the Zoo Med Heat + UVB Reptisun Reptile Combo Pack. This convenient combo pack includes both a heating lamp and a UVB lamp. Great for all types of reptiles, the basking lamp features a patented computer-designed double reflector that focuses 35% more light and heat than some other bulbs. The UVB compact fluorescent may help increase activity levels, appetite and reproductive behaviors while aiding in the prevention of metabolic bone disease. Your cold-blooded buddies will appreciate the bright light and relaxing heat from this combo pack of lamps.

( The Zoo Med UVB + Heat Reptisun 5.0 26W UVB & Repti 100W Basking Spot Lamp Reptile Terrarium Combo Pack )

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