Filter Carbon for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums
Size: 1/2 gallon container
1/2 cup for each 10 gallons

Activated Filter Carbon rids aquariums of toxic organic waste, colors, and foul odors.

High grade activated carbon made especially for filtering aquarium water and/or ponds.
Has 50 times the adsorptive power of any filter coal or charcoal.
Removes organic waste that stress tropical fish and discolors water.
Has been prewashed and placed in a heat-sealed container to keep it free of contamination.
Use 1/2 cup of rinsed Activated Filter Carbon for every ten gallons of water.
Can be used in all filter cartridges, with under gravel filters, corner filters or with Nylon Filter Media Bag.
Replace Activated Filter Carbon every 30 days--or sooner if unusual odor or color is detected.
Made in the USA.

Api Activated Filter Carbon 23 oz

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