Energy saving, 0.06w / pcs LED
Adjustable black brackets (height 2 cm).
Energy saving and environmental protection.
Not suitable for coral tanks that needed a high demand for light.
The body of the lamp is made of PVC plastic and covered with ABS.
Corrosion resistance, it can protect the safe operation of the LED lamp.
Maximum adjustable distance of the brackets is 15 cm, suitable for almost every aquarium
With the switch to be set to Blue and white (all LEDs on / off)
Set the switch to only Blue or only White using the switch
High temperature resistant PE film (heat resistant above 130 degrees).
LED lamp can use more than 80000 hours, save on the replacement value of the light source.
Lens and fixture are separate, this ensures that the fixtures are more watertight.
Light frequency: white LED - 10000K, blue LED 460nm, suitable for freshwater fish, aquatic plants.

BeamsWork Power LED 800 120-140CM (47-55 Inch)

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