【Excellent Filtering Effect】Fine filter sponge can effectively filter small sundries in water and decompose fish manure to eliminate odor in water. Prevent the deposition of large particles of sediment and remove some organic matter.
【Easy to Use】Come with two fixed suction cups, faster fixing to prevent falling off.  Easy to remove and easy to clean, convenient to replace the filter cotton.
【Function】Our quiet aquarium filter provides better bio filtration system for aquarium, helps to stable water quality. Good filtering effect, can adsorb harmful substances and increase oxygen. 
【Application】Does not take much space, can be placed at will. The aquarium sponge filter can improve the water quality of the fish tank. Suitable for water tanks and all small tropical fish tanks. 
【 Increases Solubility of Oxygen】Made of eco-friendly sponge and non-toxic high-quality plastic, safe and harmless to all fish. Adopted biochemical filtration, more effectively to filter impurities in the water and stabilize the quality of fish tank, greatly increases the solubility of oxygen in water.

Biological Sponge Green Filter XY-2882

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