Feature:1. Simple operation, practical and convenient, shrimp incubation and feed and view baby fish.
2. Facilitate hatching brine shrimp eggs and feed the larvae of ornamental fish.
3. It can be installed in the aquarium and incubated at the constant temperature of the aquarium.
4. Nontoxic and harmless material, safe for your baby fishes and shrimps.
5. Made of high quality plastic material, sturdy, durable and long service life.
Specification:Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Shrimp Incubator
Material: Plastic
Color: As Pictures Shown
Capacity: 380ml
Weight: Approx. 279g
Height: Approx. 28cm/11.02inch
Using instructions:
1. Inject the treated water to the standard water level in the incubator tank, and add about 10g kosher salt to pre-dissolve
2. The air pump is connected to the air inlet hole at the bottom of the incubator, and the air volume is adjusted to an appropriate amount. The ideal temperature is 28 ~ 30℃
3. Add about 3 to 5 g of shrimp eggs, can hatch smoothly after about 36 ~ 48 hours (depending on the incubation temperature and the quality of shrimp eggs in good harvest)
4. Collection operation: after the eggs hatch, stop pumping and let stand for about 10 ~ 15 minutes. When the shrimps sink to the bottom and the shells float, the larvae of shrimps can be collected from the original air inlet (air adjusting valve) at the bottom of the incubator, and then the larvae can be fed
5. If you have not eaten shrimp, please store them in the refrigerator. Applicable: dry, frozen shrimp eggs are applicable
Incubation steps:
1. Add water 300 ml
2. Add half teaspoon of sea salt
3. Add 1 - 2 tablespoons of shrimp eggs
4. Connect air pump to open distributor
5. Waiting to hatch
6. Turn off the distributor and pull out the trachea
Incubation temperature:
Shrimp eggs can hatch in the range of 7-30 ℃, and the incubation speed is accelerated with the increase of temperature
The preference incubation temperatureis 25-30 ℃.
Salinity: Different kinds of shrimp eggs require different salinity when they hatch
Place the eggs in fresh water (available mineral water) for 30-60 minutes before hatching to make the dehydrated eggs fully absorb water
The eggs were then incubated in artificial seawater with a salinity of 3 percent
It is suggested to use sea salt when modulating artificial seawater, because sea salt contains more kinds of ions, which is beneficial to the larva cracking
Package List:1 x Check Valve1 x;Suction Cup Fixed Holder1 x;Shrimp Incubator
Note:1. Air supply port at the bottom of shrimp incubator, please adjust the air input. Too much or too little air input will affect the hatching time and survival rate of shrimp eggs. Please adjust the air input by air switch.2. The air supply port at the bottom is connected with a simple check valve, which can effectively prevent water backflow in the incubator.

Product type: Aquarium Service

Convienent Brine Shrimp Inc Incubator

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