• Maximum flow rate of 105 GPH/265 GPH(3-Stage)/370 GPH(3-Stage)/525GPH(4 Stage) from built in pump. (Please note different models specifications before buy it)
  • Set of sponges of different pore size: coarse, medium and fine, are provided to catch the smallest particles when maintaining higher water flow rate. Adjustable-height inlet tube fits all deep aquariums.
  • Built-in UV sterilizer to kill viruses and harmful parasites and remove organic film and debris from water surface. Water is pumped through the filter media, filtering out undesirable particulate matter and purifying the water.
  • Purchase our canister for your aquariums to improve water movement and increase vital dissolved oxygen levels for the most natural ecological environment and a cleaner tank.
  • Suitable for aquatic habitat and Swamp type Lower water level tank and small aquarium filter stereoscopic landscape design of low-density feeding cylinders.

Eheim External Canister Filter Eco 9 WATT - 2234

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