• With this great Exo Terra Set you get an authentic tropical atmosphere in your terrarium. These include the Exo Terra Coconut Water Dish and the matching Coconut Cave.
  • Both elements have been beautifully reproduced from real coconuts and are therefore particularly suitable for tropical terrarium environments.
  • This attractive combination is of course much easier to care for than would be possible with real coconuts.
  • Exo Terra Coconut Cave and Water Dish are made of food grade plastic and the combi has a smooth surface. This makes it much harder for microorganisms to nest on this terrarium decoration and makes cleaning even easier.
  • In this set the coconut cave and the water dish are firmly connected to each other so that a secure stand is ensured. Using the dish as a feeding dish is of course also no problem.
  • Exo Terra Coconut Cave and Water Dish has the following dimensions: 19 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm (WxDxH)

Exo Terra Coconut Cave

SKU: 1888