• Keep your crickets safe inside Exo Terra’s Cricket Pen with Dispensing Tubes! Crickets like dark spaces, which is why this pen comes equipped with two black dispensing tubes to encourage your critters to crawl inside. The main portion of the pen is completely clear, so you can keep an eye on your crickets and the top has plenty of ventilation for ample air flow. And when it comes time to remove the lid, the tubes remain in position to help ensure your crickets don’t escape. Every purchase also comes with a cricket food dish and a water bowl.
  • Key Benefits
  • Comes with two tubes, so you can easily dispense your crickets into the pen.
  • Ideal for housing and dispensing live crickets.
  • The tubes stay in place when the lid is removed to help keep crickets contained.
  • Complete cricket care kit comes with a food dish and water bowl.
  • Available in two sizes to suite your needs.

Exo Terra Cricket Pen