• Corn Snakes, Milksnakes, Kingsnakes and Ball Pythons are among the most popular snakes kept and bred in captivity. Their variety of colors and patterns, moderate adult size, docile nature and reluctance to bite, make these attractive species for both the beginning reptile enthusiast as well as the advanced hobbyist.                                        
  •   Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Medium/Low (PT 2604) 60 x 45 x 30 cm / 24” x 18” x 12” (WxDxH)
  • Exo Terra Heat Mat 16W (PT2017)
  • Exo Terra Reptile Dome – 15 cm / 6” (up to 75W) (PT2348)
  • Exo Terra Light Bracket (PT2223)

Exo Terra Snake Starter Kit Medium Low

SKU: 2020