FRP culture pond is a kind of mobile fish pond,which is used for hatching and prebreeding of fish fry.The survival rate of fish fry can be greatly improved and the economic benefit can be improved by using FRP fish basin.

Product features:
1. Easy to use.Fiberglass fish basin is easy to use and can be used directly after cleaning.
2. Work safety.FRP fish basin is non-toxic and pollution-free. The materials are in line with the national safety and health standards, so it is very safe to use.
3. Save time and effort.The surface of the fish basin is very smooth, not easy to grow moss, can prevent microorganisms, very simple to clean.

Method of use:
It is very simple to use, just clean it before use and put enough water on it. Besides, this kind of fish basin has good thermal insulation and warmth effect, so it is very simple to use.The anti - aging performance of FRP fish basin is very good, under normal circumstances, it is not easy to appear deformation, weathering phenomenon.

Range of application:
Fish fry hatching in streams, ponds, rivers, reservoirs, the sea, deep water and other environments, as well as in the early stage of aquaculture work can be used.

FiberGlass Reinforced Pond

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