FritzZyme MONSTER  360 & 460 contain a highly blend of bacteria specifically selected for keepers of MONSTER fish. Keeping the environment of these particular species clean and healthy can be challenging.

FritzZyme MONSTER 360 contains freshwater specific species of beneficial bacteria and is the perfect maintenance product for keepers of freshwater MONSTER fish including Arowana, Oscars, Flower Horn Cichilds, Stingrays, Piranha, etc. as well as heavily stocked tanks like African Cichild aquariums. FritzZyme MONSTER 460 contains saltwater specific species and was developed for the keeper of Monster Marine species like grouper, large angels, puffers, triggers, sharks, eels, rays, etc.

Using FritzZyme MONSTER 360 & 460 as part of a regular maintenance program will help lengthen the time between water changes, prolong filter media life and help keep water crystal clear. 

FritzZyme MONSTER Conditioner 360 & 460