• Free From Harmful Parasites, Unwanted Bacteria & Foul Odor
  • Extremely Flavorful Treat
  • Contains Microscopic Plant & Animal Matter
  • A Natural Source of Calcium
  • Hikari BIO-PURE® Gammarus is another form of Shrimp that contains significant amounts of natural color enhancing ingredients Fish can utilize. It's actually a better color enhancer than Krill and naturally provides a great mix of Amino acids fish can utilize too. Best of all it's highly flavorful which makes it easy to feed to most aquatic pets.
  • 3 Step Sterilized
  • Enhanced With Multi-Vitamins
  • Processed Through Our Mega-Power Freezer
  • Retains natural color
  • Retains natural shape
  • Retains nutritional benefits

Hikari Gammarus Flat Pack Frozen 4oz

SKU: 1901