• High performance solid handling waterfall pump with proven reliability. Buy from Pondkeeper as we are a Laguna elite dealer - you can't buy better! This pump is designed to service a pond up to 11,000 litres. Its job is to run 24/7 pumping water to a waterfall or filter. It handles solids up to 6mm so is not prone to clogging up and has a specially designed filter cage to avoid performance being affected by fallen leaves in the water. This is a quality pump manufactured in Italy and is supplied with a three year guarantee. NEW - Smart Pump Technology (SPT) This is the latest version of the Max-Flo pump. The new pumps all come with an intelligent motor that self-regulates. This feature is called Smart Pump Technology (SPT) and it results in improved pump performance and lower running costs. The pump motor features advanced on-board circuitry that constantly monitors the pumps performance and working environment. It can detect what it needs to do to optimise results and the pump reacts accordingly.

Laguna Max-Flo 1350/5000 Wterfall Filter Pump

SKU: 2085