• The new and improved Laguna Pressure-Flo 4000 pressurized pond filter eliminates green water and kills algae.
  • The Laguna Pressure Flo 4000 provides mechanical filtration coupled with a powerful UVC sterilizer to produce a clear, clean and healthy pond environment for ponds up to 4000 gallons.
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain and clean, Laguna Pressure Flo filters are the heart that will keep your pond beautiful all season long.
  • The new Laguna Pressure Flo filters include a variety of improvements to simplify the maintenance process and provide more powerful filtration.
  • Starting with the filter handles and diverter valve, each has been re-designed and strengthened. The cleaning handles now feature an ergonomically designed grip with re-enforced brush connections.
  • The diverter valve has been re-shaped and enlarged to accommodate an improved cleaning indicator system and makes the patented Backwash Cleaning System easier to use.
  • Yearly UV bulb maintenance has been simplified by improvements to UVC-Head; the screws used to attach the head to the filter unit are permanently connected to the UVC head. No more misplacing or losing screws during maintenance.

Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC 4000 Filter

SKU: 1885