【Package Including】Aquarium Heater x 1, adjustable temperature from 20 degrees to 34 degrees.
【Easy to Use】Easy installation and simple operation, quartz glass tube with great high temperature resistant performance and explosion-proof performance, very safe.
【Durable】Sensitive temperature regulator and over-temperature protection device are set. High-resistance heating wire with uniform heating performance, very stable, with long service life.
【Perfect Heater for You】Submersible Heater has an electronic thermostat that automatically maintains water temperature. The indicator light lets you know when water is being heated or when it is at the correct temperature. The strong glass tube is heat and shock resistant. The submersible heater prevents overheating for extended heater life. Silicon carbide crystals improve heat distribution and transfer. Help your fish thrive in an environment perfect for success.

Nuochong Heater H-200