•  Two separate forced filter boxes, pushes water and removes waste / discoloration / odors .
  •  Accumulator for oil slick, can effectively increase the amount of oxygen on the surface and enhance illumination of the aquarium.
  •  lengthened water inlet pipe; adjustable length, suitable for aquariums with different heights .
  •  The filter boxes can be taken out separately, for easier cleaning.
  • 1 pound of ceramic rings with nylon bag including , more option for your filter boxes.
  •  UL and CE approved Cable built in for safety.
  •  product suitable for 20-50 gallon tanks.

Model : PTSH-9901
Voltage/Hz : AC200V 50Hz
Power : 10W
Flow : 750 L/ H
Aquarium : 20-50 Gallons Tank

Pontus Filter 20-50 Gallons Tank

SKU: 139