• Nature, most aquarium fish species rarely eat other fish. Only a minority of species are piscivores, yet most aquarium fish diets are based mainly on fishmeal, because it is widely available and comparatively cheap. Yet, there are better ways to feed your aquarium fishes, both nutritionally and ecologically.
  • In 2014 Dr. Stephan M. Tanner and Allen Repashy released a ground-breaking new fish diet: Fruut-Luups. A combination of Papaya, Mango, Organic Banana, and Fig complemented with easily digestible Black Soldier Fly, Krill, and Squid. The idea behind this formula was that in nature fish often eat fallen fruit with all the extras in the form of flying or boring insects and their larvae. While the initial concept was very successful, we further refined this fruit snack over time into a more complete, healthy, and nutritious formula.

Repashy Igapo Explorer Gel