BRING OUT YOUR BETTA’S INNER NINJA --- Betta fish are hunters. In their native habitat, they strike at unsuspecting larvae from below. Nurture your fish’s instincts with this must-have accessory. Because our Cholla log floats, it works like a hunter’s blind giving your betta-ninja a covert hunting spot near the surface.

PERFECT FOR NURSERY --- Veil tails and other betta fish love hideout spots because it provides security for their eggs and later for their fry. It’s important to give your Split tails the proper conditions to facilitate breeding and for your pet’s well-being.

CREATE ZENLIKE AQUARIUM --- By adding this unique decoration to your tank, your betta will feel right at home and you’ll benefit from the serene beauty of an Asian waterscape. Take a break from stress by enjoying the Zenlike peace of your pet’s watery world.

GIVE YOUR CROWNTAIL ZIP AND ENERGY --- Betta’s are intelligent creatures and need enrichment items to stimulate and challenge them. SunGrow’s 6” Cholla log will entice and interest your pet, relieving boredom and enhancing their life.

NO PAINTS, GLUES, RESINS, OR PLASTICS --- You know how vital it is to keep your tank’s water at the proper pH and temperature and paints, glues, resins, and plastics may negatively impact your water. With real Cholla wood, you can rest assured because there is nothing artificial that may affect your betta or your water. Increase your confidence and use SunGrow’s Water Starter for routine conditioning.

Sungrow Cholla Wood 6 Inches Long

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