• Quality Feeding Tweezers: Superior forged stainless steel reptile feeding tweezers with fine carbonation protection coating processing surface, sturdy and flexible enough
  • Excellent Aquarium Tools: Perfect for feeding and handling aquarium plants, bearded dragon, tarantulas, snakes, spiders, Gecko, aquatic fish, slings, salamanders, live food for larger aquatic pets or corals and more
  • Premium Anti-slip Clips: Straight Tweezers with serrated tips for picking up smaller objects like small stones, worms, never worry slip off; also their handle with anti-skid design, help you grip stuff firmly
  • Long Reptile Feeding Tongs: Has 15 inch length, with carbonation protection coating against rust; easy to use with any proper angles, no harm to water plants, also can prevent accidental injuries from your reptile's mouth, make feeding a lot easier
  • Package Included: 1x Black Straight Tweezer; Please remember to rinse and dry with water after each use, keep away from children and pets

Tweezers Black Straight