The UV sterilizers are uniquely designed to permit the water to pass all around the germicidal lamp, taking advantage of the 360º light source. When microorganisms are exposed to this light, the UV energy causes a change in the chemical bonds of the DNA molecules. This alteration results in their inability to multiply and therefore their elimination. The UV sterilizer is one of the cleanest, most non-pollution, non-chemical, without any color and odor and leaves no residue; it is the most natural way to kill virus and bacteria. This technique is often applied for drinking water, aquariums, garden ponds, breeder tanks and commercial applications.


  • International brand PHILPS and LIGHTSOURCE UV lamp with 9000-12000 hours working life.
  • UV chamber with 304 SUS material(316L is optional), with mechanical polishing and welding. 
  • (Electrolytic polishing is optional)
  •  The chamber pressure resistance meets the standard specification 1.0 Mpa.
  • High performance ballast with operate LED light, approved by CE and UL certification.

Water Sterilizer Quality UV